The Psychology Of Hackers

The psychology of hackers is a very interesting one indeed.  Although similar in some ways to common criminals such as thieves and those engaged in petty thefts, hackers hide behind a computer screen, combining an advanced alchemy of coding and a penchant for destruction and crime.  It’s a shame really because hackers are incredibly smart.  Put to good use, their talents could be wide ranging.  But instead they squander it on hacking people’s websites only to put up a dumb splash page indicating that it was hacked by such-and-such.  Schoolyard bulling and destruction to the max.

There are white and black hat hackers out there.  There are also grey hat, but that is a bit more rare.  Black hat hackers are those that are out for blood and mayhem.  They put all their talents to use by destructing what people have worked hard to build.  If you’ve ever been an owner of a website that has been hacked, you know what I mean.  Or they attempt to get access to people’s computers and phones to steal passwords and account information, hopefully to access the person’s money or worse.

Defending against these hackers is difficult but doable.  The challenge is to stay ahead of the tide.  Programs like Malwarebytes and Spyhunter are great for people attempting to defend themselves and their data from hackers and malware.  Personally I have Malwarebytes up and running on my computer. It has already protected me from some nasty websites that I was redirected to, so I think it’s worth its cost.

White hat hackers are on the other side of the coin.  They are the people that put their talents to good use, identifying holes in software and operating systems so that they can be patched.  They dismantle malware and learn how to defend against it and how to stop current threats.  They are in the government (although is this white hat?) in order to disseminate information that might lead to a widespread attack such as a terrorist attack.

White hat hackers also enter contests and get ransom money for being able to solve computer issues such as the need to get into a criminal’s locked iPhone.  Hackers can make a decent amount of money going for bounties like this.

So what do you think about the hacking epidemic?  Do you take action to protect your computer and data?  How do you do it, and what software do you use?  Leave a comment below and join the discussion.

I feel like a lot of people drop the ball and do not protect their computer and their data.  It’s something that’s really necessary especially if you conduct a lot of personal business from your computer like banking and other things like that.

Personally I find black hat hacking to be one of the most repugnant things on the planet.  Pure destruction and thievery for nothing more than planting a flag in most cases.  Dumb boys with dumb toys is what I like to say.  Leave your discussion comments below.